UI/UX, visual design


#web #mobile #illustration
Role: Concept, project management, wireframes, visual design, user testing
Skills/ Tools:
UI, UX, Beta-testing, Illustrator, Sketch

This responsive website aims to attract potential clients' attentions by telling them which occupation is your goal and recommends them the best product to help them reach that goal in a joyful way.

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It is a collaborative project with Hui Zhou and Anyi Wang.
Project for UniCareer

[ The Need ]

UniCareer is an educational online platform selling mentorship to international students and young professionals in the finance industry to help them grow their career paths. To increase our sales performance in Q3, I have collaborated with product team and developers to design this interactive and unique algorithm system created by our product researcher that takes into account all aspects of your personalities and professional skills, providing users the accurate results and professional advice. On the other hand, our salespeople will have the personal report once the client signs up for a quote. The app also features an online community of users as well as social sharing integrations.

[ Result ]

This project created an excitement to potential clients by giving them a dream career goal and recommended our services successfully. The predictive algorithm allowed our salespeople spend less time figuring out clients' needs. Over 1,000 people have visited UniCareer Occupation Personality Test site.

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[ Process ]