UI/UX, visual design


#mobile #ios

Role: Developing a concept, wireframes, visual design, motiongraphics
Skills/ Tools: UX/ UI design, user testing, Keynote, Illustrator, Photoshop, AfertEffect, paper prototyping
Adviser: Andrew Cogbill

It is a collaborative project with Soohyun Park for Mobile Media class at Parsons, 2014.

There is so many art events on going around us. However, it is easy to miss or forget the event interesting you. Especially, there are a lot of events, exhibitions, talks in New York City. Point aims to give real-time information of the event close to where you are and help you to track the events you want to go.

[Target User]

Art and design people in New York City.


New York City is a big, loud and wonderful city where has lots of incredible art events such as exhibitions, performance, talks and etc. So many things, in fact, that you can easily miss brilliant events even you list them all on your calendar. We found out the biggest problem is, let's say, if we have a break from 3 to 6 pm and we are around time square, what should we do now?


When we got lost, we will looking up roadsigns on streets. So, we designed a mobile application to give you a direction when you are lost in all events. 



[UI Design]