UI/UX, visual design


#mobile #ios

Role: Developing a concept, wireframes, App Map, UI design
Skills/ Tools: UX/UI design, Keynote, Illustrator, Photoshop
Adviser: Andrew Cogbill

Looking for inspiration or guidance when it comes to night snack planning after your late work? Introducing NightSnack app for iOS. With gorgeous photos and step-by-step instructions, this compilation of more than 15,000 recipes easy-to-follow in the midnight from famous recipes websites. The app also features real-time based recommendation and themed collections like Hungry, Craving, and Thirsty.

Live prototype: https://popapp.in/w/projects/5321da0fba4822b65f33f7d1/preview

[The need]

Do you usually skip your dinner? Do you usually stay up late and work all night? Are you not very good at cooking? Do you usually have a craving but don't know what to eat?
There are lots of food app teach you how to cook and provide many great recipes. However, what if I just want something simple, even just a smoothie after my late work? Or I don't cook so how can I make some night snack with basic ingredients?

[Target User]

20 to 30 age single men and women who are night owls.


This app aims to provide simple, quick and creative solutions for your night snack need. On the home screen, based on real time, NightSnack will recommend the most popular night snack good for that time. Also, you can find the right recipe by using our collections: Hungry, Craving, and Thirsty. Beyond that, all selected recipes are good to have in the late night and can be done in just minutes. Easy!

[UI Design]

[App Map]